It Wasn’t a Fluke: Team Steadman Really Is That Good

After the post about my titanium plate, I bet a few cynics thought I was painting a too-rosy picture of the Steadmen Clinic courtesy of the percocet.

I assume this gives me super powers; I just haven’t figured out what they are yet.


Well I’m long off the percocet and the Idyllic Healthcare Experience continues.

At my first follow up visit, I saw Dr. Viola and crew at his Frisco office.  It was the same calm competence and patient focus.  They even have nice snacks in the waiting room, acknowledging that often orthopedists can run late.  Everyone shows genuine interest in my well-being, and let’s be honest; my fractured wrist is pretty tame in their world.  It’d be easy to pass me off and spend their energy on the more critical patients.  But they don’t.  In fact everyone seems grateful to be there, delighted to have such an awesome job, and pleased that my being there makes that possible.

Kinda like your office, right?

P.S.  I also need to offer kudos to Boulder Community Hospital.  Someone (thanks mystery reader) passed along my blog post and Holly Pederson, Director of Emergency Services, immediately called.  She was sincerely concerned and apologetic about my experience.   In addition to following up on the dropped balls  – e.g. she does pay for orthopedists to be on call, she and Claire in Billing will make sure I am not charged, nor will I have to explain 2 ER visits to United Healthcare.  I don’t know for which I am more thankful.


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