Getting What You Want – Requires More Than Wishing and Hoping

This bowl once held peach ice cream.  It was really tasty.

"come, come to me, yes, come closer"

With earnest, doggie hopefulness, Dougal thought that if he stared long enough and wanted it badly enough, the bowl would move close enough for his tongue to get in there.  It didn’t work, so eventually he walked away.   And then came back to try his Intense Focus strategy again, which didn’t work that time either.

If you’re a regular, you will notice that he’s no longer trying the On The Table strategy.  He learned that one doesn’t fly around here.

"What's the big deal?"

It’s easy to miss obvious themes in the complexity and importance of our over-scheduled lives.  Luckily, the Golden Mirror reflects some universal realities:

*Powerful yearning isn’t enough to secure what you want.  It takes action.

*Achieving something new often requires trying something new, and learning from the experience.

*Serendipity may pop up and present different strategies or skills, but a conscious plan gives you something to work with in the meantime.

I like how a written plan adds texture to the desired goal, providing traction so one actually knows what to do in a given day or week.  Following through on the concrete details helps you feel successful, inspires new ideas and provides useful accountability.  Research by Gail Matthews, Ph.D., of Dominican University confirms:

 “Those who wrote their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not write their goals.” 

 I guess that’s why I created EssentialEdge™ the guided, self-coaching journal and am now working on the Daily Debrief iPhone app.

Thanks to a defined goal and plan for gaining obviously-needed skills, the Exuberant Dougal now enjoys some pretty significant off leash fun.

Life is So Good.

Life is So Good.

(Two Bears Training – couldn’t do it without you!)


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