Acknowledgement, Another Reason Why It’s Worth It

A few months ago, I read a blog post by one of my clients, ThinkerforHire, that floored me. I’ve always loved her smart, spirited view and playful weave of deep intellect and shallow culture.  Her “Ray Bradbury (Wine Made From Weeds)” tribute had the same polish and pique, but she’d zipped it together in 15 minutes after hearing of Mr. Bradbury’s death. I spend 15 minutes booting my laptop and making tea.

I was so inspired, I had to comment:

Dang girl, I’ve always loved your smart sass, relevance and concise style. Today, the fact that you just whipped out something so complete awed me. I know many people who call themselves writers because they have blogs, share ideas or hang out a lot w other writers.  But you are the real deal and I love how your excellence inspires me 🙂

Drawing on my best coach-like acknowledgement skills, I made sure to share not only:

a. what, specifically, she had done, but

b. what it was about her that made it possible.

(Yes, it takes a bit longer to craft that type of feedback, but it’s so much more meaningful to the recipient than a thumbs up and “hey, nice job!” The other person feels special, and knows that you really get who they are.)

Here’s what Elizabeth, my blogging inspiration, responded:

Cindy, thank you. This note is so wonderful!!! It means a great deal to me… I was really pleased! Especially the “real deal” part.

I loved that my words gave her that, and I benefited from the acknowledgement as well. By sharing what I appreciated about her, I actually clarified my own values and aspirations around timely, richly-detailed yet concise, smart writing.


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