Good Advice For All Generations

Had to get this t-shirt for my sweet girl who’s riding the pre-teen roller coaster.

Good reminder for Mom too.



Who’s influencing Whom?

“I just desire to emphasize the superior work on this weblog.”  Really, stab-in-the-dark spammer?  C’mon, not even my Mother would say that.

Creating and expanding community was one of the main reasons I switched to blogging from the newsletter.   I love it when people comment, although, sadly, I question the sincerity of most responses.   For example, while competent, no one can seriously ” relish this blog theme” or think it’s unusual “to discover something on the internet that’s as entertaining and intriguing as what you’ve got “.  Additionally, I’m awed by the gigantic leap it takes to segue from creating team agreements or  delivering difficult feedback to the need to for cialis, insurance, cheap sunglasses and even tickets to Wicked.

Each faux comment took a little chink out of my enthusiasm for blogging.   I just  legitimized skimpy posting with the tired “lack of time” excuse, not realizing I was really avoiding “them”.

Last week, I happily added another big project to my overflowing plate.  @Spikex and I are partnering to create iPhone apps!  What an adventure!   Also begs the question “how can I take on something completely new whenI ‘haven’t had time’ to post in months?”  

Cyber LeechesBeing the introspective sort, I prodded around a bit.  I realized that unlike spammers, Spike is smart, engaged and authentic which inspires me.     I also connected how easily I can be influenced by relationships, even indirect ones.  I was letting faceless, cyber leaches suck away my blog dream – ick! 

So, here I am, back in the blog saddle.  I can’t cower from the spammers at the expense of generating more Spike-like encounters!


Maternity Leave, Sort Of

Haven’t lost my energy for blogging, just gained a new project:

Little "client", Big Needs

Little "client", Big Needs

Looking forward to posting more as the routine settles.