Done? Learning from Biscuits and Resumes

Not much beats a warm, from-scratch biscuit.  My favorite 12-year old can get mighty impatient, doing the “Are They Done Yet” dance in front of the oven.   It’s a delicate, delicious balance.  Pull them too soon and you lose flaky layers to dense dough.  Wait a hair too long and the outside is sawdust dry and crumbly.  With biscuits, perfect does make a difference and the standard for “perfect” is fairly discernable.

That’s not necessarily the case with other creations.  Take resumes for example.  Ask 10 people for input on your resume and you’ll get 12 different ideas.   How do you decide who knows best?  What’s the standard?

A brilliant client once set a goal of getting her resume “80% there.”  She figured 80% was good enough to get her in the door.  Striving for more than that would tether her to wordsmithing for weeks instead of actually meeting people.  Besides, she observed, with a resume you can always modify it for the next person,  so there’s no need to add a bunch of  “perfect” pressure to an already stressful situation.

I’m grappling with the 80% rule now regarding our Daily Debrief App.  Is introducing an app like baking biscuits or writing a resume?  Sure feels like the former when you’re in it, although it’s really the later.  I’d say Eric, Spike and I are at about 70%.  Not ready to submit to the app store, but awfully darn close!

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