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Cindy Moret O’Keeffe
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Eating Icing on a Garbage Cake

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New Pricing - $47.50!

The economy gets a recovery package, why shouldn't you?

At InsightEdge, we partner with intense, smart professionals in defining and reaching their most important goals. Whether you’re looking for one-to-one coaching or a team engagement, you can count on:

  • Greater self-awareness and clarity
  • Unique “ah-ha’s” from the fusion of business acumen and intuition
  • Sharper focus, action plans and accountability
  • Compassionate directness about blind spots
  • More alignment between your reality, others’ perceptions and desired outcomes
  • Strategies to harmonize the diverse, and sometimes competing, elements of your life

Our work together will strengthen your sense of purpose; provide you with long-term strategies, tools and resources; and evolve your unique leadership style. No matter the situation, you will enjoy more ease in your interactions, support for your vision and desired results.

Everybody talks about New Year’s Resolutions, and yet fewer and fewer people seem to give them a go. I guess enthusiasm has waned after years of disappointment. 

There are many reasons for not reaching goals, but I’m only going to highlight one right now. It comes from Marsha Austin Rodwin, founder of Radiance Power Yoga >Read More




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